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With the focus groups done, it’s time to wind down my stay in Zimbabwe.

OK, so funny story. You know the incredibly impressive medieval ruins known as Great Zimbabwe, the ones that the colonial powers occupying Zimbabwe a century ago said couldn’t possibly have been built by actual Africans and must have been the work of foreigners (read: whites)?

Well, you’ll never believe this. Turns out that Africans really DID build it. (I know, right?) From the 12th to the 15th centuries, it was the seat of power and trade for the whole region. Pottery and coins from as far away as China have been found at the site.

When I learned all this, I couldn’t help but (1) silently curse colonialism for the 16th time this week, (2) be impressed, and (3) be reminded of an hilarious article from the government’s newspaper 2 days ago:

“China Denies Exporting Inferior Products to Zimbabwe”

It’s funny because the gist of the article is China saying, “Well, you get what you pay for.”

That said, the 15th century Chinese coins in the Great Zimbabwe museum looked pretty well-made to me. Perhaps standards have fallen as of late.

Great Zim was oodles of fun — and adventurers, take note. Only about 50 people visit per day, so no pesky tourists to mar your new Facebook photo album, “Great Zimbabwe, Batman!”

Act now and you’ll also get this charming sign to beware of falling rocks. If falling rocks are indeed about to hit you, please be sure to keep (1) calm and (2) your driving cap on.

Wilson, my partner in crime, and I take a break at the top of the mountain (outfit coordination not intentional).

Aunt Susan
May 10, 2010

….and this is part of your higher education preparing you to…

1. Know what not to say?
2. Know what not to wear?
3. Know exactly what to say and exactly what to wear?

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