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Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to let my travel-mates (other B-school students) know that I blog. Again and again, a picture, funny comment, or poignant moment was followed by, “Hey Andrew, you should blog that.” This is 2010 teasing. :)

Friday the 26th we went to a little league baseball game. It’s a baseball camp run by Fundacion A. Jean Brugger, one of the 3 social enterprises we’re here to get to know. If there seems to be more than 9 defensive players on the field, that’s because there are a LOT of kids at this baseball camp. It makes each play exciting when 3 kids converge on each ground ball.


And then we painted a school.


The kids were pretty excited. This is them looking all smile-like about it.


Saturday the 27th we visited a potter who told us about his work. In fact, the whole pueblo is all about awesome pottery. This is the “image” on a wall out front…


…and this is the actual potter, next to his kiln.


On Sunday, we rested.

On Monday the 1st, Jon Thompson and Jean Brugger spoke to us about their foundation. Our social enterprise professor, Peter Roberts, will be turning it into a case study of an education foundation’s revenue challenges. This is Jon chatting about the Foundation.


This is Danielle and I standing in front of a Movistar (cell phone company) ad. It says “Me Gusta Consultar,” which I choose to believe means “I love consulting.” Which is funny to me since both Danielle and I will be working at consultancies this summer.

Late that day we went zip-lining all the way down a nearby mountain, from all the way up here:


As you can see, this part of Nicaragua is gorgeous — and rather dry. (The droughts have been bad recently.) Here’s David Papa, my roommate here, zip-lining:


At one of our homestay family’s houses (not mine), this picture was up. I love it in so many ways. The misshapen bike. The 80′s makeup and hair. That this woman rides around with artfully arranged flowers all the time. It makes me so happy looking at it.


On Tuesday the 2nd, in the morning, we had a Skype video chat back to Professor Roberts’s BBA (undergrad business student) social enterprise class about our experiences. The view was nice.


Then we picked up garbage in a local community.


Wednesday the 3rd we went to Granada and I had a chance to interview several successful entrepreneurs. It was really interesting and fun. More on that in a future blog post.

Later we watched the sun set from a pool. Again, nice view.


In the evening we had salsa lessons. This is Danielle with the salsa instructor, whose name is, I think, Heady.


OK, this pizza place with the free wifi is about to close. Perhaps I’ll be able to report about today, Thursday, later. Until then. (I’m having fun.)

June 18, 2010

Amazing travels! Where did you find the free wifi? I have a wiki with listings of free wifi spots in Nicaragua:

We are always looking to add more. If you know of any please let me know.


July 4, 2010
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