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After Atlanta -> NYC -> Johannesburg -> Harare, I’m finally here in Zimbabwe. My first time to Harare, my first time to Zimbabwe, and my first time to Africa. I think I blend in nicely.

At the start of the security briefing with Faithful, the NGO’s compliance officer, I mentioned this was my first trip to Africa. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “I’m really going to have to put you through your paces!” I think she’s worried about me, that I might try to buy a farm or something.

So if you visit Zimbabwe, here are some tips:
1. Don’t shop alone; bring along a local friend to negotiate for you.
2. In Masvingo (pop: 51,000), be sure to ask for a hotel with a generator; electricity isn’t the most reliable.
3. And I was told, “You’ve come at a very good time — there’s bread and sugar on the shelves.” (!)

And straight from Johannesburg airport, here’s a giant statue of Nelson Mandela made of beads for you.

More to come soon when I’m not delirious with jet-lag.

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